Women's rights: Conference on Juridical Dialogue and Comparative analysis of diverse legislation

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Women's rights: Conference on Juridical Dialogue and Comparative analysis of diverse legislation

Post by Badraneforum on Fri Jan 26, 2018 2:45 pm

The Conference had in the core women's rights between tradition and modernity through the diverse legislation systems. Drawing on the experience of women from diverse societies and environments, who fought for their rights and became leaders of change, the conference seeked to identify the role of women in development. Nevertheless, the analysis of the legislation on women's rights wass not limited on the host country but the country of origin as well.

Dialogue is essential in the process of knowing and understanding. To know means to seek to live the change. Just then the change can become part of every day lives of all women in all societies. Therefore, the Agami in the role of the organizer and speaker on diverse conferences and events in Italy and abroad seek to encourage the Culture of Juridical Dialogue.

The goal was to create an output which wil provide a unique opportunity for all participants to improve the understanding of diverse legislations on women's rights through a Comrehensive Juridical Dialogue between representatives from private and public sector of different societies.

The Conference was organized by the President of the Agami Kaoutar Badrane, the author of the book: "The Family Code in Morocco", published by the University Library, as a legal guide in which she explains what will change with the new reform, commenting, and translating into Italian, for the first time over 400 articles of "Moudawwana to Usra"- Moroccan Family Law.

More informations on the http://conferenceagami.vpsite.it/


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