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Post by Badraneforum on Wed Nov 30, 2016 6:37 pm

Documentation to be presented for marriage and divorce under the Moroccan family Law

The INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM BADRANE provides legal consultancy and assistance on site for marriage and divorce procedures in Morocco.
In particular:
• Prepare the necessary documents for marriage in Italy and in Morocco (needed in case of mixed marriage), both with the Italian authorities, and Moroccan.
• Book an appointment at the Italian Consulate in Casablanca or Rabat for the certificate of matrimonial capacity needed to marriage.
• To present a request to the Moroccan Court for authorization to marriage.
• Arrange with the Notary, on-site, marriage certificate, inserting more appropriate CLAUSES (including any annexed to the original marriage to better specify any system of division of property between spouses).
• Proceed with the translation and legalization of the document to ensure its transcription at the Italian Consulate in Morocco.
• Assistance in the application for entry Visa for family reasons to the spouse of an Italian citizen.

We provide with the above procedure, assistance at 360 degrees, with on-site assistance and guarantee an extraordinary efficiency in carrying out the whole procedure within 5 working days (usually it takes at least 2/3 weeks).
In case of a mixed marriage between an Italian / Moroccan - Moroccan / Italian applies under the law 218/95 the connecting factor of the spouses' citizenship.

Abogado Badrane who directly offers her legale assistance and consultancy is the author of the book "The Family Code in Morocco"

Abogado Kaoutar Badrane
Via IV Armata 44
36061 Bassano del Grappa (VI), ITALY


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